King of Bass: Analog + Sub 808

King of Bass: Analog + Sub 808

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YOU'RE going to be the KING OF BASS!

Whether you’re looking to add warm analog magic or create the Perfect 808, or Sub to FATTEN your sound,
this app will make your music more POWERFUL!

It’s more than bass, with the KICK IT! button you can Easily make perfectly tuned, original custom kicks with the custom kick maker.

Get Better Bass in one easy step… Download this app!

++ Over 400+ Presets to inspire you, including 120+ "Starter" sounds to make your own sound! ++

Works on any style of music, you're gonna find a bass in here that's gonna inspire you for some songs.

This is NOT another generic boring sounding synth–
This is SPECIAL - It will VIBE your speakers and SHAKE your seats.

Stupidly easy-to-use: it’s possible to create over 6,000+ different combinations of bass layers. That’s just the start…

Want to make a massive, original kick drum?

These sounds are so inspiring, I want to make a song out of almost every bass sound

Check out the Tutorials & Overview Videos:

A Few of the Features:
+ 2000+ samples and custom waveforms from a platinum producer
+ Step Sequencer with “Magic Gate”, variable divisions, multiple oscillator & layer destinations
+ Traditional Synth Engine (including Pulse Width Modulation)
+ 2 LFOs: Multiple waveforms + Re-trigger + modulate other LFOs by LFO
+ Almost all parameters can be LFO Destinations–Morph Sounds, Wobble ‘em, Pitch Dive, Crush them perfectly with a keypress
+ New Bass Distortion and chain w/ Bass Boost!
+ 2 Layers instead of just one
+ Brand NEW Filter made for LOW END
+ Full ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release for each layer)
+ On board RECORDING – easily make kicks, baselines and more without any other gear or apps
+ Kick it! Function to turn any patch into a custom kick...

Sure, it has lots of features!
But, I think the best thing about this is the SOUND.

This is the BASS you've been looking for.

Videos and more:


WARM UP YOUR TRACKS with real analog sounds.
Earthshaking. Jaw-dropping....


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Cập nhật: 2023-08-22

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1.4 | OS ≥ 14.4

Cập nhật: 2023-09-13

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