My Calculator (incl. currency)

My Calculator (incl. currency)

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The only one pocket calculator for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and also works as Today Widget, Message Extension and Keyboard.

Simple pocket calculator supports parentheses and memory functions.

See what you calculate.

Also as Today Widget, Message Extension or Keyboard possible - just enable it.

Calculate a number of days to an given date or show the weekday name of a given date.

Currency Exchange Calculator available for iPhones and Apple watch.

Please note: The Apple Watch calculator is small. Anyhow all on a single screen and the calculation step is always visible.

Apple Watch: You can choose between three screens:

- Big Buttons // Operators left
- Big Buttons // Operators right
- Smaller buttons // With parentheses

In addition you can disable the Function Screen. Then it is a simply calculator. Just go to the Watch Settings.

Support for Deep Pressure Gestures - or long press on older iPhones/ iPads:

M+ -> M-
MR -> Show only Memory
C -> AC
f(x) -> Display Currency Converter
pi -> Random number between 0...1
e -> Random integer number between 0...n
% -> deferred payment credit/ monthly rate (i = interest rate, m = month)
( -> Add open parenthesis at beginning
) -> Add open and close parentheses
(⋯) -> Add close parenthesis

Define own Currency in Settings App (iOS Settings/ Watch Settings)
Select own currency as from currency, select a different currency as to currency, type in exchange rate, long press own currency. Now all exchange rates for the other currencies will be calculated and stored. On Watch just deep press on currency calculator.

Any questions or wishes -> Support // Email

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