Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit.

Speedometer 55 Pro. GPS kit.

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Track mileage effortlessly, avoid fines, explore offline maps, and more with Speedometer 55 PRO. The all-in-one app for business, hobbies, and adventure. Download now!

A high quality Speedometer, GPS tracker and trip cost monitor for iPhones and cellular iPads.
∙∙ When you go over a preset speed limit, the large digits change colour from green to red and the device emits a loud sound to alert you!
∙∙ The cost monitor shows you the current cost of the journey as you drive and tells you each passengers share.
∙∙ GPS tracker records your trips so they can be analyzed, viewed and shared at any moment.

‣‣ COST MONITOR. What's the cost of my driving?
Based on gas price for a gallon or litre, MPG (U.S. or UK) or liters per 100 km the app will show the cost as you drive. You can add an extra cost per kilometer or mile! Useful for all cost aware drivers and for splitting the cost between passengers.

‣‣ GPS TRACKING. Where I've been? How long did it take to get from A to B?
The app records your trip statistics even when GPS tracker is switched off. When you need point by point data to see on the map later or export (Google Earth, GPX, KML/KMZ), the app gives you the first class GPS tracker.

Turn your mileage/tracks into customizable mileage reimbursement reports.
Sign and annotate before sending out!

‣‣ Easy to set speed limits and SPEED LIMIT MEMORY option
Set speed limits with 4 or 8 configurable presets. Presets only need a single tap and are the safest way to set the limits! With SPEED LIMIT MEMORY you apply the speed limit once and the app applies it for you automatically the next time!

Use MENU>MODES to turn the app into a Rally computer, G-Force monitor, Camera alerter or taximeter! There are 12 modes available and we are constantly adding new ones.

The app gives you the unique way to leave a note with location and even optional photo or audio note attached!

Import camera data in Garmin or iGO csv formats from poi-factory.com, scdb.info or poi-plaza and let speedo alert you on a camera approach and set speed limit automatically before you pass the speed camera!

‣‣ BARO VSI. Barometric Vertical Speed Indicator_SI, IVSI).


‣‣ VOICE COACH. When enabled, voice coach will be telling you active track distance, duration, current speed and altitude at pre-configured intervals.

‣‣ MAPS. Google, Apple, Blank, Offline.

‣‣ SIRI SHORTCUTS: Start/Stop Track, Speed limits.

+ 000-999 SPEED AND LIMIT RANGE. MPH, KM/H AND KNOTS. Maximum/TOP, average speed, distance traveled.

+ BACKGROUND MODE! Speedometer will work in background if told so and will still warn you with audio alert when you exceed a preset speed limit. You can use other apps while speedometer does its job in the background!


Allows to record automotive/driving activities automatically, no need to manually start and stop the track recording. No need to keep the app running. Configure once and let the app track the automotive mileage for you, for tax or reimbursement purposes.

As this function has recurring costs to maintain and test, 50 free auto-tracks are provided every month within the app one-time price. If you need more auto-track recordings per month, you can upgrade to the unlimited number of auto-tracks.

+ PRIVACY. Speedometer never shares your location data with 3rd parties or ad agencies. Location data is used solely for tracking your speed and recording the GPS tracks and never leave the app.

! You can use the app on iPhones as well as on cellular iPads. **App will not work properly on iPods and wifi only iPads as they don't have GPS (external GPS module is required).
! Please note that as with all GPS apps, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Download and drive with peace of mind! Keep the log and avoid paying those speeding fines! Our speedometer is the ideal companion no matter what journey you are going on!

Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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