WhatTime? International people

WhatTime? International people

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A greeting with a smile!
Earth is a family, all humanity is brothers and sisters!

International man playing an active part in the world! First, the time and from the words of the day-to-day.
Going beyond just how to read the clock, you can want growing cosmopolitan spiritually rich without boundaries in (earthling) in children, I tried to be able to convert the voice of the 14 countries the greeting First, exchange and day-to-day time.

If small fire lit in the mind of the children , I am very happy.

- Learning how to read the time to match the analog clock
- To remember the words of the world the time to match
- To remember the words of the world greeting to dodge everyday
(You can used in adults of course)

Please me
Better translation, A better word,
It is welcome if you teach any.

※ Time uses the communication using the WiFi or the like to voice conversion by default.
※ Words of the world does not use the communication.

If you do not want to use the communication,
Select "Only iOS TTS:ON" from the configuration of the device.

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