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Roll your way to fitness! 88 moves, 63 exercises & 25 stretches. No banners, no fuss. Just results!

Join people from around the world.
Prepare your body for the random challenges of everyday life.
Workout... anywhere... anytime.

With each press of the "Roll" button, a new exercise is provided.

There are four statistics tracked so you can set your goals accordingly.

Great for a group workout.

-63 Exercises
-25 Stretches
-Full Body Workouts
-Upper Body Workouts
-Lower Body Workouts
-Bodyweight, Dumbbells, Stretching, or any combination
-Intensity Adjustment
-Roll Count,
-Repetition Count,
-Calorie Estimator
-Save your stats
-Share your workout with friends

-NO Banner Ads
-NO Login
-NO Signup
-NO Data Entry
-NO Features hidden behind in-app purchases

You won't get or stay in shape by thinking about it. You'll need to do it!

-Bring Workout Dice for a run and roll the dice between songs
-Roll the Workout Dice with friends
-Bring Workout Dice on your next trip
-Roll Workout Dice at the beginning of your lunch break
-Share Workout Dice with friends and challenge them do more than you
-Keep Workout Dice handy for when you can't make it to the gym
-Use Workout Dice at the gym for a warm up (a few rolls) or complete workout (many rolls).

On supported devices, Workout Dice can access the Health app to write workout data with your permission. All workouts are written in full accordance with the iOS app review rules set by Apple.
You can read our privacy policy at https://anthonyharveyapps.com/privacy-policy for more information on our use of data, but here is a summary: We do not collect or access any of your workout data.

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