Amperes 4- battery charge info

Amperes 4- battery charge info

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Evaluate your battery, chargers, and cables. Compare different chargers and cables. Track your battery level and get charge notifications! Get other system information!

Discover the power of Amperes: Your ultimate battery and charger testing app. Uncover bad chargers and cables, evaluate both wired and wireless chargers, and access essential system insights. With features like a battery charge alarm and online benchmarking, Amperes has your battery needs covered.


Precise Charging Rates: Know your battery's actual charging rate.
Wireless Charger Testing: Measure the speeds of your wireless charger.
Battery Monitoring: Keep an eye on your battery level and receive charge notifications.
Cable and Charger Comparison: Compare different charging cables and chargers.
Customized Tests: Personalize tests with wire types, charger varieties, and comments.
Diverse Charging Sources: Evaluate power banks and more.
System Insights: Access vital device information like disk space, memory, and thermal status.
Intuitive Results: View test results color-coded for easy understanding.
Export Test Results: Keep records with the option to export.

Test your new cables, validate your chargers, and get the most out of your devices with Amperes!

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4.0.22 | OS ≥ 12.1

Cập nhật: 2023-10-23

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