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App that changes your Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, Pinterest and other famous social apps Theme.
Color Your social life with new multi color Browser app.
Share with your friends.

>>> All in one Social App saves your phone storage and Battery. You can use your second account on this app.

All great Material Colors With New and unique experience.

Facebook in all your Favorite themes and colors.

>>> Are your Get Bored from your Pinterest themes. So here is what you have ever dream of it Get your new Pinterest in any color you want.

>>> For All TikTok lovers Get your new Light weight Browser And Change the Tiktok theme into your favorite color.

>>> Its Very Simple to use just download the application And let the application do its magic.

>>> App Changes the color in no time. As Quickly as you move towards the next page application will change the Theme of your Facebook in no time.

>>> You can Download as many themes as you want Because we have all famous and favorite colors.

>>> Want to use multiple Social apps accounts here is what your need. Download this app and use your multiple accounts there is no limit.

>>> Ever want to change the theme of your Social apps here its simple.

>>> App is designed for Facebook Lovers with all favorite colors.

>>> App is For social browsing with multiple themes for free.

>>> App will Change your social browsing experience into Color full Experience.

>>> Very Light weight Browser Saves your phone data.

>>> Full Screen Browsing with Great Colors.

>>> Share this Wonder full app with your Friends and family.

List of available colors...

-- Pink
-- Purple
-- Black
-- Green
-- Blue
-- Grey
-- Brown
-- Deep Orange
-- Orange
-- Amber
-- Yellow
-- Lime
-- Light
-- Teal
-- Cyan
-- Indigo
-- Deep
-- Red

This app is alternative for all social apps and it is not supported by, or linked with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or TikTok.

Also Give us your Feedback.

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2.0 (1.0.5) | OS ≥ 13.0

Cập nhật: 2023-10-23

Server1 Server2 Server3

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