Books PRO - Read and Write!

Books PRO - Read and Write!

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Dive into Reading, Take Notes, Get Organized, and Chat with AI Assistant about your Books!

Elevate your reading experience with Books Pro, an intuitive, engaging, and powerful eBook reader designed to revolutionize the way you read, annotate, and interact with your books. With features that outshine the standard reading apps, Books Pro is not just a reading app - it's your reliable partner in the journey of knowledge.

Say goodbye to the limitations of standard readers, Books Pro enhances your reading flow with:


- Import capabilities: Easily import ePub and PDF files directly from external sources like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrives, and others.
- Themes & scrolls: Choose between dark, light or sepia modes to suit different reading environments. Read comfortably in either vertical or horizontal scrolls while enjoying the right to left reading support.
- Customization: Tailor your reading experience by changing fonts and font sizes as per your liking.
- Listen to eBooks: Your books can now 'talk' to you with the automatic text-to-speech feature, designed to read aloud continuously the pages of an ePub.


Turn your eBooks into dynamic learning platforms with advanced tools that make annotations fun:
- PDF engine: Revel in the might of our powerful PDF engine that supports extensive PDF documents and even offers PDF Forms fill-ins.
- Annotate: Write directly on your books, take notes, add new pages, highlight words, insert typed texts and images.
- Bookmark & Search: Never lose track of critical sections by bookmarking pages, explore meanings or translations of tricky phrases with the integrated search feature.


Leap forward into the future of reading with an AI Assistant that is designed to assist you:
- Aid in understanding: What’s that word? Allow the AI Assistant to explain. Need a brief? Ask it to summarize. Language barrier? Request for a translation. Your assistant is ready to lend a hand. Chat with the AI Assistant about your book!
- Text generation: Spark creativity as it generates innovative texts and chats with you about your books.


Books Pro provides unmatched organization features:
- Folders & Subfolders: Organize your books in unlimited folders and subfolders and locate them conveniently.
- Custom Covers: Personalize your library by customizing the cover of your folders.

Download Books Pro now and take your reading experience to a whole new level of engagement, learning, and convenience!

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