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Calculator Max makes both simple and complex calculations easy. It offers all calculators you’ll ever need in one carefully designed, uncluttered and easy-to-use package.

Switching between calculators is buttery-smooth and natural. The basic calculator with big buttons swiftly handles everyday tasks. The more advanced scientific calculator is loaded with all important mathematical functions and constants.

A history tape with your entries is comfortably accessible in all calculator modes. Thanks to it, you never lose track of what you’ve entered and the entries can be reused effortlessly in your calculations. The tape can also be exported to common formats and shared or printed.

On the large screen of any iPad it is pure joy to make handwriting notes or draw your ideas right in the app. Write down any math equation and let the app calculate it for you in the blink of an eye. Or reuse any handwriting which you can easily convert to editable text.



— Basic calculator with history tape
— Scientific calculator packed with functions and constants
— History tape with the calculations at your fingertips in all modes
— Extensive rounding options (e.g. two decimal places for accounting)
— Up to 5 memory slots for frequent numbers
— Plain Text, Monospaced Text, CSV, PDF and image export formats
— Advanced export, share and print options
— Scribble Pad on iPad for easy math equations solving, handwritten notes and sketches


— Side tape and detachable tape layouts for easier long records handling
— Clean and uncluttered interface
— Universal app for all your iPhones, iPads and Macs
— User interface precisely adapted for each device capabilities


— Handcrafted design themes with dark mode and translucency support
— Fully adjustable windows with all standard macOS features
— Carefully selected sound sets

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