Equity Maps – Standard

Equity Maps – Standard

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Try the Standard Version and see what you think!

Easily upgrade within to Premium and release full features or download Premium straight away!

• Elevate the voices in the room -- help students to reflect & grow!
• Provide Instant Feedback – Nurture Reflection – Ignite Collaboration – Promote Equity
• Created by teachers, for teachers & their students.

Ideal for Socratic seminars, Spider Web™ & Harkness® (*) discussions, Literature Circles, Dialogic lesson designs, or anytime students interact.

Effortlessly chart & record students’ interactions to graphically illustrate levels & types of participation. Spur deeper reflection with the discussion maps, instant analytics & animated playback at multiple speeds.

NEW IN PREMIUM! – Export audio & class analytics – Post in your LMS or email directly to your students along with their talk time, Checknotes of types of contributions, the discussion map, & your personal feedback (beta).


• Up to 20 participants in any class w/open seating options
• Quick edit features to create groups and classes.
• Playback the discussion maps in real time or fast forward
• Select & listen to any speaker & view notes linked to their participation
• Individual/Group analytics – Include/Exclude participants from the data to see how the dynamics change

PREMIUM FEATURES available with in-app upgrade or by downloading Premium today:

• Up to 40 participants
• Add Identity Markers to track data by groups of students
• Export Audio or analytics via email to students or post in LMS or export to CSV (beta)

• Track student contributions w/ enhanced Checknotes & access the 17 templates


• Debrief w/students individually! Review contributions of any one student in the improved participant analytics: see each time the student spoke & playback what they said, or play from the person who spoke before/after, review notations for that student, participation data, or Checknotes… all on one screen!

• Give better feedback! Take notes or write comments during or after the discussion that link directly to the student speaking and share with them immediately after.

• Identify Markers: customize the groups w/n your class that you’d like to measure such as grade level, language level, race, seating area, or anything you’d like to see.



• Simply tap on the participants’ icons when they speak & Equity Maps will do the rest by visually charting the interactions & calculating levels of participation.

• Track the nature of each participants' contributions with Checknotes, choose among the 17 templates or create your own, or take notes during the discussion that attach to the speaker for review after.

• The “Feedback Frames” provide key statistics for teachers, students or group members: time spoken, times spoken, gender equity, or customize anything you’d like to measure.

• Enhance your Socratic Seminars, Literature Circles, Harkness®(*) discussions, or full classroom discussions
• Monitor & assess Common Core Speaking & Listening Standards, ATL, Dialogic lessons, or seminar criteria
• Promote student involvement & self-reflection
• Perfect for schools with VPP for 50% discount

• Encourage deeper reflection of your group’s goals, norms & processes
• Give your boss an Equity Check & share how equitable your last meeting was
• Critical Friends Group® coaches & facilitators (CFG work) or in PLCs

• Provide teachers an “image” of their classroom instruction like they’ve never seen before!
• Revitalize reflective practices for teachers, while reducing anxiety of post-observation meetings
• Make your classroom observations more meaningful & reflective

Equity Maps® is a registered trademark at the USPTO / U.S. Pat. No 10,553,129

*Equity Maps has been developed completely independent of Phillips Exeter Academy & is not affiliated in any way with the academy.

Critical Friends Group® is a registered trademark of the National School Reform Faculty (NSRF®)

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