Montessori Parts of Fruits

Montessori Parts of Fruits

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Parts of Fruits is a Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten science app to learn the makeup of five different fruits: Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Pumpkins, & Pineapples.

Our team was one of the first to develop Montessori inspired apps starting in 2010, and our design & method is guided and approved by Manel Wickremasinghe, an AMI certified Montessori teacher with over 40 years of teaching experience.

Our approach will engage your child to learn without unnecessary distractions. Children naturally love to explore and learn about the world around them and our apps give them that opportunity.

Although these fruits may be common to your area and you may even eat them regularly, there are simple details even grown-ups may not know! What are the spikey leaves on the exterior of a pineapple called? Do bananas have seeds? Which part of the apple is called the calyx? Learn the answers to these and more as you work through our unique method to learning botany!

Children who cannot read yet will be able to learn all the terms easily by listening to the audio every step of the way and will even begin to recognize the words after working with the app just a few times.

Here are the terms they will learn:

APPLE: exocarp, mesocarp, leaves, seeds, stalk, endocarp, calyx

PUMPKIN: rind, fibrous strands, tendril, seeds, leaf, pulp, stem, blossom end

PINEAPPLE: crown, rind, peduncle, fruitlet bracts, bracts, apical meristem, central fibrous axis, flesh, loculi

BANANA: perianth, peel, epicarp, mesocarp, endocarp, loculi, dried ovules, cut stalk

ORANGE: rind, exocarp, mesocarp, endocarp, carpel, juice follicle, seeds

The activities begin with the Learning Center, where you will be introduced to the different parts of the fruit, what they look like, what they are called, and how to pronounce the names.

Then begin working with the fruit puzzles.

In the first puzzle assemble the fruit parts by finding the part that matches the blinking shape. As the part is placed you will hear its name aloud.

In the second puzzle look for the part that matches the name shown on the screen. If a child can't read yet, simply touch the name to hear it aloud.

We have included a Simple Puzzle where a child can assemble the fruit in any order they choose. Again the names are heard aloud as the parts are placed.

Finally, we have a Matching Activity (Mashup Puzzle) where the parts of all five fruits are scrambled up and the child has to assemble all the puzzles together on one screen.

After working with this app just a few times you will be surprised how much your child has learned!

We thank you for supporting our Montessori app project. Please see our entire library Montessori inspired apps for children. Our apps are designed to engage children to learn with minimal distractions. You will see why schools worldwide have been using our apps for years!

Remember that we participate in the Educational discount for schools and feel free to contact us if you have any special requests or needs.

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