Punk Rock Roots Drum Loops

Punk Rock Roots Drum Loops

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There is no replacement for live drummers in Punk performances. This app is an essential tool for songwriting and practice.
A return to natural punk percussion loops. Not cyberpunk midi beats.

Instant Jam with Tap and Play.
Full Loop - bass, snare, tom, hi-hats cymbals all in one loop no sequencing necessary

Designed for musicians looking to shred with essential punk drum loops
Slamming beats and furious fills with brutal breakdowns.
Single tap switch - intro, verse, chorus, breakdown, fills, and outro.

No BPM - Natural effective ear training.
Simple and Effective. If you are into complicated sequencing with a learning steep learning curve, this app is not for you.
Built with the top sound engine and mixing system AudioKit and Audiobus.

If you're into mixing with other apps check out
AudioBus allows real-time audio routing from one iOS app to another. Like a mixer for music Apps.

Three Easy steps
1) Press the button on the drum sample you want to play. 2)Set the volume using the slider on the bottom
3)Set the tempo using the slider on the bottom right
4) The Demo button takes you to the video tutorial

I am an indie developer, I don't have a multi-million dollar publicity campaign with celebrity endorsements, I depend on people like you. If you like the app please share.

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5.1 | OS ≥ 12.0

Cập nhật: 2023-10-20

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