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Return visit manager and ministry time report time helper

Return visits is a tool to help you keep track of your Bible studies as well as your time reports.

All your information is kept in sync by iCloud and is designed to be easy to use.

Stay on top of your monthly progress with the report widgets, there are three different sizes and many colors to choose from.

Record your journals and studies as well as their contact details and a history of what they discussed on each visit.

Locate your nearby magazines and studios on the map and get directions from your current location.

Keep your information synchronized and backed up on all your devices with iCloud.

Keep your magazines organized by grouping them by territories or dates, use gestures to delete or quick actions by pressing and holding.

Schedule interactive notifications to remember to prepare your magazines or studies, receive a notification when you reach a time goal.

Your app and your style, choose between different colors, icons and markers as well as different ways of navigating the app to feel at home.

Keep a record of your service as well as your goal hours, share your report in the messages app of your choice.

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3.0 | OS ≥ 14.0

Cập nhật: 2023-10-04

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