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Compare your photos side by side: Move the slider to easily grasp the differences.

Is the lighting ok? Are the eyes open? Are all people smiling? And so on…

You often take several shots of the same scene, and then struggle to pick the best one. No more going back and forth - with TwoSlideOver, you just slide one photo on top of the other and see immediately which one to keep.

Use the powerful built-in photo editor to apply awesome filters, effects, and edits to your photo. While editing, compare to the original photo side by side.

Filters set a mood for the photo, such as "Rainy", or "Summer". The editing tools enable you to greatly enhance or change your photo. Effects can make your photo look strange, crazy or just funny.

Stay tuned for even more possibilities in future updates.

Share your pick with friends or save it to the camera roll - or export the dual image.

We don’t gather, process or share any of your personal information, including your photos. If you choose to help us improve the app, you can enable sharing some anonymous usage statistics about OS version, device type, and what features are used most. Everything else stays on your device and we will keep it that way.

To transmit the usage statistics we use the service TelemetryDeck.

More Info: https://petersalz.com/twoslideover-privacy-policy-en/

Drop us an Email with your questions, problems or feature requests: twoslideover@petersalz.com - also available from within the app.

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1.4.2 | OS ≥ 15.0

Cập nhật: 2023-10-05

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