Momently - Journal / Diary

Momently - Journal / Diary

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Capture and cherish every precious moment in your life with Momently - the private and beautifully designed journaling app!

With its simple and elegant interface, Momently makes it effortless for you to store and relive your memories. Find old moments with just a few taps and revisit special memories with joy.

Here's what Momently has to offer:

Visualize your adventures by grouping moments into trips, complete with stunning cover photo.

Keep track of the places you've been to with an interactive map and rediscover forgotten spots.

When creating moments you can add people to each of those memories. You can view each person's profile and relive all those incredible moments you have shared.

Make use of tags like you would on any other social media platform to group moments into bigger and more engaging stories.

Momently does not store or keep track of any of your private data. All your data is safely stored on your device, and you can choose to use iCloud to save a private backup in the cloud in case things goes wrong.

Want to move in from another app? No problem, with Momently you can easily import or export your data to and from other popular apps like Instagram, Day one and Journey.

Other supporting features are:

• Passcode with Face ID or Touch ID support
• Simple but powerful search
• Dark and light mode
• Choose an accent color or app icon to match your personality
• And much more...

In short, Momently helps you make every moment count.

Momently is made by a solo iOS developer. It does not include any subscriptions or ads. Buy Momently once, use it forever.


For help, contact me at support@momently.app or on Twitter at @momently_app.

Terms of Use can be found here: https://momently.app/terms-of-use.
Privacy Policy: https://momently.app/privacy-policy

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