Photosets Burst Photo Camera

Photosets Burst Photo Camera

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FYI, we're on track to release v10.29 by Fri, Dec 29th !

It's our first-ever version with Law Enforcement (& Military) "range training" support !
Aim Small, Miss Small !

● Whether you're a high-end iPhone owner OR AAPL Shareholder, OR both, you will NOT find a better value in the App Store !
● ONLY UN-Discovered (Gem) Flagship-caliber Camera Apps, of the type that have been Off the Radar of most but should NOT have been, have the potential to generate significant Enthusiasm & move the "iPhone Unit Sales" needle !
● And of those, Photosets is at the very top of the list !
● Hand-crafted, starting just-after Labor Day weekend in Sept of 2014.
● Both Unique & Innovative, there is nothing else like it in ANY App Store !
● Photosets is NOT ONLY the Single-Best App in its category, but ALSO Light Years Ahead of ALL other Camera Apps in Burst Photo Technology & Domain/Applications/Use-Case support !
● It first became a rare, true Flagship-caliber Burst Photo Camera app more than seven years ago now, upon the release of the 2016 iPhone 7+ !
● As such, it could have & should have become, at least here in the States, a Household Name (years ago) !
● With your help that will soon happen.
● Our main challenge is that Apple has NO "App Discovery" competition.
● That & the fact that they have full control over Ratings & Reviews.
● Ask yourself, why does Apple never Recommend OR Promote third-party Burst Photo Camera Apps ?
● Here's a hint, the three men who run Apple's App Store have NO Engineering OR Software Development experience, & very-likely NO Camera Domain/Application/Use-Case expertise.
● Add into the mix that Apple acquired SnappyCam in late-2013, & then did nothing with it except perhaps leverage what made it special, a NEON-based JPEG implementation.
● Make NO mistake, both high-end iPhone owners & AAPL Shareholders have missed-out on their respective benefits of what Photosets supports & offers !
● Premium Flagship-caliber Dual-Engine Burst Photo Camera !
● Custom Burst Photo Editor !
● Integrated 60-scene Video Maker with Rock Solid A/V Sync support !
● Burst Photo Capture Engine #1 (JPEG & HEIC):
● Up-to "20" 12 Mpx photos/set @ 30 fps.
● Up-to "25" 4K photos/set @ 30 or 60 fps.
● Up-to "25" 8 Mpx photos/se @ 30 fps.
● Available with your Wide, Lossless 2x (i.e., LL 2x or Wide 2x), Tele, & Front Cams !
● Captures Neutral-looking Photos with High-Precision Timing !
● Supports Optional concurrent Audio data capture on select iPhones !
● The Camera Shutter is silent during capture !
● When using the app's custom Long Press Shutter Mode, you get Zero Shutter Delay via the app's custom circular capture buffer, that is equal to the (photo set) size you set for capture !
● Burst Photo Capture Engine #2 (Native RAW):
● Up-to "20" 12 Mpx photos/set @ 15 fps.
● Captures Neutral-looking Photos with High-Precision Timing !
● The Camera Shutter is silent during capture !
● Zero Shutter Lag is enabled by default !
● NO Ads, & NO Tracking !
● As a reminder, OR for those who are UN-aware, Photosets offers support for "two" Burst Photo Capture Engines, each based-upon a different Apple Camera Framework:
1.) High-Performance, High-Precision (Timing) capture engine that does NOT generate a Shutter sound during burst photo capture of JPEG, HEIC, & Lossless.
2.) Native RAW capture engine that ALSO does NOT generate a Shutter sound during burst photo capture.
● Privacy Policy:
● Terms of Use:
● Important Note for top-tier VCs & potential Corp Partners:
● What we're up-to & what we're pursuing is different than ALL other App Developers.
● At least those we know about.
● We did NOT design & develop Photosets for capturing & collecting (custom) AI/ML Training Data.
● It's just something we figured-out that it specializes-in earlier this year.
● Please note that the App Store Ratings for Photosets was Reset upon the Release of this update, v10.27.
● NO ONE should be surprised if Photosets becomes the first third-party app that becomes part of iOS !
● The benefits are numerous !

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10.29 | OS ≥ 17.4

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