Keep Notes - Docs, PDF & AI

Keep Notes - Docs, PDF & AI

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Text and PDF editor exclusively designed for Docs. Unleash your creativity and productivity like never before with the included AI Assistant!

From penning captivating class notes to generating essential documents or producing university assignments, Keep Notes delivers a smooth and friendly experience for text editing and PDF markups.

Main Features:

+ Powerful Editing Tools: Enjoy rich formatting styles, spell check, and custom keyboard shortcuts.
+ PDF Reader and Editor with +250 templates.
+ Optional AI Assistant to generate summaries, essays, translations, blog posts, poems, emails, songs, quizzes, tests, memos, recipes, and so much more.
+ Offline Access: Edit your documents without an internet connection.
+ Cloud Sync: Effortless syncing with your GDrive, making sure your work is never lost.
+ AutoSave: Puts an end to "oops" moments with automatic saving.
+ Create unlimited notebooks, folders and nested subfolders.
+ Modify margins and paper sizes, MLA and APA style format support including document headers/footers, very useful for students and teachers.
+ Insert inline photos, signatures, charts and drawings in your documents.
+ Install your own TrueType fonts.
+ Full-text search engine: It allows you to search the contents of your document library.
+ Create your own templates for new documents.
+ Scan documents: Use the camera of your iPad/iPhone to scan documents, notes, recipes, tickets, etc.
+ Protect individually your folders/notebooks with a password, very useful for iPads with more than one user in office, classroom or home-
+ Rich-text formatting: Bold, italic, underline, highlight, subscript/superscript, alignment, line and paragraph spacing, first-line indent, page breaks, footnotes, comments, text and paper color, etc.
+ Document Statistics: characters, words, reading time, sentences, average word length.
+ Right to Left and bi-directional text editing supported for Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, etc.
+ Much more!

The included AI Assistant can work for you:

• Easily generate automatically summaries, essays, blog posts, poems, emails, songs, quizzes, tests, memos, recipes, and so much more.
• Ask anything to our smart AI assistant, it's got your answers.
• Nail perfect writing with built-in spell checking and grammar fixes.
• Boost your vocab with a killer dictionary full of definitions, synonyms, and antonyms.
• Make your writing better by analyzing sentence structures with no sweat.
• Use the handy translation feature which supports heaps of languages, solving any language issues.
• Poke around in your PDF or text doc without a hitch using our simple question-generation tool.
• Talk and write in over 50 languages with our handy assistant.
• Save and Share: Save your chats and share them with friends, trouble-free.
• Prompt Library: We've got a load of cool topics in our massive database.
• Chat History: Grab previous chats whenever you want.
• Spin up travel plans, recipes, step-by-step guides, quizzes, tests, memos, essays, histories, poems, you name it.
• Speech Recognition: Talk or type, either way we have smooth conversations.
• Learning Aid: School stuff tripping you up? We've got answers.

There's so much more to find! Take a leap into the future of writing with Keep Notes. Jump in and start exploring! Try it out for free now!

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