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In today's hectic life it seems that everybody is living by the count of each minute. But do you really need such exact times as 3:03 p.m. or 10:39 a.m. in your everyday life? Wouldn’t ‘just after three’ be entirely sufficient? And 14:54 and 15:12 seem very different while it’s not. It makes you think too much about something that is fluid and paced and pushed along the same speed always: time.

Lucas’ Clock in short:

# Clock without minute hand

# Clean, minimal interface, easy to read at a glance from a distance

# Tap to show minute hand for precise time reading (slowly disappears after 15 seconds, unless you tap again to make it disappear immediately)

# Works on all orientations and screen sizes

# No settings, No ads, No alarm

# 4 different colors included (swipe left or right to change)

This app makes time more real. Don’t think this is not precise enough, it takes a little getting used to. Ultimately your sense and estimation of time will improve.

Perceiving time in this way comes actually from a historical perspective. Until the late eighteenth century tower clocks only had one hand, which showed the full hour. In fact, while measuring time was already important, the pace of life was definitely less frenetic compared to nowadays. Moreover, clocks had to be readable in the distance. With just one hand there was no risk to mix up hours and minute.

This app follows just this design principle: it makes it easy to read at a glance from a distance.

My grandfather Lucas made a beautiful clock. His clock was decorated with stars and the sun and only had one hand to indicate the hours. It inspired me to share this clock with you. Enjoy!

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