[M] Internet Status: iON

[M] Internet Status: iON

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◉◎ Have you ever felt that your internet connection is faulting and don't get a proper connection indication?

With iON: Internet Status App get network connection alerts

◉◎◉ iOn Internet Status lets you know if your Mac is connected to the internet or not.

Get real time connection status of your Internet(Network) right from the menu bar and with sound alert. This utility adds a neatly coloured (green, yellow, or red) icon on the menu bar that lets you know the status of the connection and shows other information as follows:

■ Get alerts in the notification centre with custom sound alerts.
■ Shows your Public and Local IP address
■ Upload/Download speed at the moment.
■ Export connection status report with date and time in .txt format.
■ Works with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook, MacPro, Mac Mini.
■ Shows Network Speed and Data Usage for the current session
■ Get ready for the new macOS Mojave.

≈ Why you should have the "iON: Internet Status App" ≈

◉ See the connection status with coloured icons or mono-coloured icons.
◉ Shows current Data transfer(Upload/Download) speed.
◉ Shows connected internet(WiFi) name.
◉ Show total internet data usage from system start.
◉ Reset internet data usage history.
◉ Get the public IP address of your computer and just click to copy.
◉ Retina Display-enabled icons with Apple Dark Theme Support
◉ An option to change the status bar icon colour from monochrome to coloured
◉ Can choose an icon for menu bar from icon set.
◉ Custom sound alerts to set
◉ Can add delay to connection alert.

Note: Data usage counters are reset on reboot.

≈ More details: ≈

◎ Green/Black icon
indicates that you are connected to an active network.
◎ Yellow/Gray icon
indicates that your PC is connected but not on an active network.
◎ Red/Empty Circle icon
indicates that you are not connected to an active network.

◎ Public IP
Your public IP address is the IP address that is logged by various servers and devices when you connect to them through your internet connection.

◎ Sample
Down: 1.70 kbps (1.2 gbps).
Up :    0.25 Kbps (2.2 Gbps)
"Down/Up" indicates your download/upload data speed at the moment.
"(1.2 Gbps)" is the total data uploaded or downloaded by your system from the start.

◎ Run at Startup
Enable or disable launching the app at system login.

◎ Show Coloured Icon
Show coloured status icons or monochrome

◎ Enable Notification
Get notified when you are connected or disconnected from the active network (internet).

◎ Export Status Log
Click to read or export all the status logs for internet connection status.

NOTE: For any questions, suggestions, or to report bugs, please email us at support@appyogi.com. We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions to improve future versions of the app. We actively update with improvements and new features.

And don't forget to review and rate your experience on the App Store.

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5.7 | macOS ≥ 10.10

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