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Stop wrestling with scattered code snippets and disorganized notes. Elevate your workflow and supercharge your productivity with SnippetsLab.

Organize like a pro

• Build your personal coding library with multi-level folders, as well as tags, smart groups, and shortcuts.
• Add snippet notes, and attach any files or images for additional context.
• Integrate multiple code fragments within a single snippet for an additional layer of organization.
• Lock snippets to prevent accidental changes.

Tailor your experience

• Choose from 14 beautifully crafted themes, or customize and create your own.
• Customize folder icons and tag colors for extra visual clarity.
• Tweak the UI layout and many available settings to match your preference and workflow.

Made for developers

• Syntax highlighting for over 570 languages and text formats.
• ML-powered automatic language detection for 50 most popular languages.
• Code formatting with a growing number of supported languages.
• Customizable editor behavior such as indentation, overscroll, completion, line-wrapping, and much more.

Effortless access

• Find anything instantly with full-text fuzzy search, search filters, and intelligent ranking.
• Leverage the available Alfred Workflow for anytime access.
• Create deep links that open a snippet from anywhere in the system.

Markdown mastery

• Choose full or side-by-side preview modes with accurate scroll sync.
• Insert Mermaid diagrams, MathJax formulas, interactive table of content, and code blocks with full syntax highlighting support.
• Personalize everything with your own CSS stylesheet.

SnippetsLab Assistant

• Companion that lives in your menubar and always a click away.
• Create, browse, preview, copy, and insert snippets without having to open the main app window.
• Extensive keyboard shortcuts to keep you in the flow.

Seamless integrations

• Sync your library across all your Macs with built-in iCloud sync.
• Import from GitHub Gist, Quiver, CodeBox, plain text files, or any conforming JSON file.
• Export as JSON, XML or plain text files.
• Publish to GitHub Gist directly.
• Create snippets from anywhere with macOS Services.

SnippetsLab is more than just a code manager - it helps you build your personal coding knowledge-base and write code faster and smarter.

FAQ: https://go.renfei.org/faq
User manual: https://go.renfei.org/usermanual
Supported languages: https://go.renfei.org/languages

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2.4 | macOS ≥ 12.0

Cập nhật: 2024-01-17

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