PhotoBot - A ton of photos!

PhotoBot - A ton of photos!

🍎 Giới thiệu:

Take selfies without having to press any button!

Endless timer and Easy photos organizer! Loved by solo content creators!

Solo modelling ; Mount your iPhone somewhere and pose as much as you want. PhotoBot will snap it all for you!

Made especially for:
* Social media Influencers
* Solo Travelers
* Athletes
* You: whenever you want to take a lot of photos of yourself.

The Struggle:

We all know the struggle when taking selfies, It's PRESSING THE BUTTON! and Setting up the timer!

And after taking a lot of photos now, deleting the unnecessary once, organizing your photos is a time consuming task,

With PhotoBot:
just mount your phone, keep posing, and let the app capture photos every second (or your preferred interval). Say goodbye to tedious timer setups and enjoy a variety of poses without the hassle. Perfect for solo modeling and creating stunning content effortlessly!

Easily organize your photos with simple swipes!

Save space on your device by easily browsing and deleting with simple swipes!


- Take photos automatically
- Set time delay between each photo (eg: take a photo each 2 seconds)
- Change camera - Front, back or choose from Triple or dual cams on supported devices.
- Capture with multiple cameras
* Multi-perspective: Auto switch between Ultra Wide, Wide & Telephoto cameras
* Switch cameras randomly between each capture or
* 1 photo with each camera and repeat
- ON/OFF: only capture with selected camera
- Back cameras starts with a count down - gives you time to run in-front of the camera
- Change Flash mode (Auto, On or Off)
- Shows photo count
- Lock focus and Exposure - Tap and hold 2 seconds to lock
- Easy to use. (iOS camera feeling)
- PhotoBot Easy Manager™ : specially designed to browse through your photos fast, Delete unnecessary ones and pick the best ones.
* Easy deletion of unnecessary photos - Swipe down to delete
* Swipe left and right to browse recent photos
* Swipe Up to add to albums
* Pinch to Zoom
* Double Tap to favorite
* Shake to Undo Delete
* Jump back to camera with one tap
- Location information added to the photos taken (You can disallow location access to disable this feature.)

* No Ads - We hate ‘em
* No In-App purchases - All features are included when you download the app.
* Easy support - Directly contact the developer

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1.8 | OS ≥ 12.0

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