SnagID - Snagging and Defects

SnagID - Snagging and Defects

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SnagID offers a comprehensive project and site management solution that spans from project initiation to completion. It encompasses tasks like defect identification, inspections, punch lists, and more. This tool streamlines your workflow and enhances the quality of supervision while reducing time consumption.

All your project sites are systematically organized into projects and multi-level locations. SnagID is a versatile application that supports users in various tasks including site auditing, snag detection, safety inspections, survey organization, work list compilation, and even quotation creation.

Key features of the primary app comprise project and location organization, detailed reporting, audio notes for each item, clearance notifications, site audits, and more.
SnagID boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies operations:

- You can categorize snags under projects, including specific client details that are displayed on PDF reports.
- Break down projects into locations, such as 'DLF Gateway Tower' with its 21 floors, dividing each location and associating related snags.
- Document snags with photos, titles, assignees/contractors, status updates, completion dates, audio notes, and comments.
- Annotate photos with a range of options like pencil, lines, rectangles, circles, arrows, numbers, and text.
- Create customizable reports for clients, easily shareable worldwide.
- Facilitate report printing using air printers.

SnagID is highly adaptable across various industries, offering customizable labels to meet diverse reporting needs.
You can tailor SnagID to your preferences:

- Customize the label "Snag" to match terminologies like defects, issues, problems, inspections, observations, and more.
- Adjust location labels to align with terms such as floors, sections, apartments, etc.
- Personalize assignee labels for entities such as companies, contractors, clients, and more.
- Adapt date formats according to specific requirements.

Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us. Please don't hesitate to contact us at support@appculus.com.

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