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Finally there is the app that provides all 6 variations of combinatorics with step by step solutions:

- permutation without repetition: Arranging elements without repetition.
- permutation with repetition: Arranging elements with repetition.
- combination without repetition: Selecting elements without considering the order.
- combination with repetition: Selecting elements with consideration of the order.
- variation without repetition: Arranging elements with fixed length without repetition.
- variation with repetition: Arranging elements with fixed length with repetition.

You only have to enter your values k and n. The values must be entered as natural numbers. The only exception is the k value for permutation with repitition. This requires several k values, which must be entered separated by semicolons.

All calculations are stored in the history. The final solution can be shared.

[ Contents ]
- all 6 variations of combinatorics
- results are calculated and shown in detail
- history to save the input
- detailed solution
- natural numbers are supported
- no ads!

[ Usage ]
- there are fields for entering values using a special keyboard
- multiple k values can be entered using the semicolon key
- press the check mark button at the bottom right to start the calculation
- if values are missing, the corresponding field is highlighted in yellow
- if the values are incorrect, the affected field will be highlighted in red
- a short message explains why a value is incorrect
- the entries in the history can be deleted or sorted
- if you select an entry in the history, it will be automatically loaded for the calculation
- the whole history can be deleted by pressing a button
- solutions can be shared

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1.0 | OS ≥ 15.0

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