A Slight Chance of Sawblades+

A Slight Chance of Sawblades+

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Now on Arcade, the hyper intense, sawblades-dodging high-score chaser!

A storm is coming, but umbrellas won’t help – it’s going to rain SAWBLADES!!

Dodge, jump and somersault over razor-sharp sawblades in an attempt to survive the deadly storm! Compete in the global leaderboard for the spot of the best blade-jumper. Unlock quirky and outlandish characters to join in the blade jumping mayhem!

A Slight Chance of Sawblades features:
- Skill-based score-chasing action
- High-speed arcade gameplay with time pressure
- Juicy 8-bit style music
- Unlockable characters

A Slight Chance of Sawblades+ is a labor of love from a mostly solo game developer.

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1.18.0 | OS ≥ 13.0

Cập nhật: 2024-05-18

Server1 Server2 Server3

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