Froggipedia by Embibe

Froggipedia by Embibe

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Ever wondered what it's like to be a frog, from a tadpole to a full-grown amphibian? Froggipedia, the 2018 ‘App of the Year,’ invites you on a remarkable AR journey into the frog's world without the need for textbooks or dissections.

What’s New?

This isn't your average frog app — Froggipedia is packed with features, such as:

Immersive AR: Explore the frog life cycle from tadpole to adult, all on your Android and iOS devices.
Virtual Dissection: Unravel the mysteries of frog anatomy, including the respiratory system.
Interactive Learning: Test your knowledge with a fun and engaging quiz to solidify everything you've learned about frog species, frog varieties and those poisonous frogs to watch out for!

Froggipedia is perfect for:

Curious Kids: Ignite a love of science and nature with this interactive learning experience.
Students & Educators: Bring the classroom alive with a powerful and engaging educational tool.
Frog Fanatics: Deepen your understanding of these amazing amphibians.

Why Froggipedia?

Here is why you should use Froggipedia.

Forget Textbooks, Embrace AR: Ditch the dusty textbooks and flat pictures. Froggipedia brings frogs to life in a way that's both immersive and interactive. Imagine this: hold up your phone or tablet, and witness the magic unfold.

Watch, captivated, as a single-celled egg transforms into a wiggling tadpole, then into a curious froglet, and finally into a full-grown amphibian ready to ribbit its way into your heart.

Become a Virtual Frog Dissector: But Froggipedia isn't just about watching the metamorphosis unfold. It's about getting your hands dirty... well, virtually! Become a virtual frog scientist and embark on a detailed exploration of their anatomy.

Using just your device, you can perform dissections_irtually, of course — no frogs were harmed in the making of this app!) and examine a frog's intricate organ systems, layer by layer.

Learning Made Fun (and Froggy): Ever wondered how a frog breathes, eats, or leaps? Froggipedia will show you, all in a safe, mess-free environment. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants to learn about frogs, from curious kids to science enthusiasts of all ages.

Think Documentary, But Cooler: Learning with Froggipedia is like stepping into a real-life amphibian documentary, but way cooler! It's like having your own frog expert guiding you through this incredible life cycle.

Test Your Froggy Knowledge: And because Froggipedia knows learning shouldn't feel like a chore, it throws in a fun and dynamic quiz at the end to test your newfound froggy knowledge. Who knew learning about biology could be so much fun?

A World of Curiosity Awaits: Froggipedia isn't just an app — it's an invitation to a whole new world. It's a world where curiosity is king, and where the secrets of froggy life are waiting to be unlocked.

We look forward to adding more cool features and other frogs for a truly VR experience for kids, educators, students and frog fanatics.

Ready To Take the Plunge?

Download Froggipedia today and unleash the inner frog scientist within!

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