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Ever wondered what goes on inside your head?

Brainapse, the award-winning AR app, takes you on a mind-blowing journey into the fascinating world of neurology.

Forget dusty textbooks and confusing diagrams.

Brainapse uses cutting-edge AR technology to transform your smartphone or tablet into a powerful tool for exploring the human brain.

Brainapse isn't just about looking — it's about interacting!

What’s New on Brainapse?

Brainapse just levelled up. Get ready to explore even more mind-blowing features:

Skull Evolution
Explore the Cranium, the bony dome that protects your brain
See how the skull transformed from early humans to modern us
Witness how these changes shaped brain development

Frontal Lobe Revealed
Dive deeper into the frontal lobe, where planning & decisions happen
Discover how different parts control your thinking and personality
Understand how your brain makes you, YOU

Neurons in Action
Shrink down and explore the tiny world of neurons, your brain's messengers
See how dendrites receive information and the nucleus processes it
Witness the amazing way neurons talk to each other

Features of Brainapse App
Here's what makes Brainapse your ultimate brain exploration tool:

Become a Brain Architect: Explore the skull and brain in stunning detail, both inside and out. Use AR to peel back layers and investigate the hidden intricacies of brain cells and structures. Uncover the secrets of different brain regions and discover how they work together to make you, well, you.
Evolution Unveiled: Take a trip back in time and witness the incredible evolutionary journey of the human brain. Brainapse lets you explore the skulls and brains of four key species that played a crucial role in our development. See how brain size and structure have changed over millions of years, and learn how these adaptations shaped our behaviour and intelligence.
The Power of Play: Learning about the brain shouldn't feel like a chore. Brainapse throws in a fun and interactive game called "Brain Hunt" to test your newfound knowledge. Team up with friends and embark on a collaborative AR quest to find and assemble scattered brain parts. It's a fantastic way to solidify your learning while having a blast.
The Sensory Symphony: The brain doesn't work in isolation. Brainapse showcases how the brain interacts with our five senses through immersive AR experiences. See how sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches are translated by the brain into meaningful sensations and perceptions.
A Learning Feast: Brainapse offers a comprehensive learning experience for all ages. Delve into a detailed timeline of human brain evolution, complete with insights into significant fossil discoveries. Learn about synaptic communication, the complex networks that allow brain cells to talk to each other, and the vital role they play in everything we do, from thinking to feeling.

Brainapse isn't just an app — it's an interactive learning experience for students, educators and anyone curious about the human mind.

Our app makes the often-daunting subject of neurology accessible and engaging, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the brain's incredible complexity.

Download Brainapse today and unlock the secrets of your brain.

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