Hypothesis Test - Type I PRO

Hypothesis Test - Type I PRO

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This app provides the ability to perform Type I Error hypothesis testing. The null hypothesis and sample size can be specified. Depending on the selected mode, the alpha error or the acceptance or rejection range can be calculated.

The different modes offer the possibility of performing right-sided, left-sided or bilateral tests. For this purpose, k1 and/or k2 can be specified for mode I or II.

Various modifications can be made to calculate the acceptance and rejection ranges. It is important to note whether X should be greater than/equal to or less than/equal to k. P(X)≤ α is always assumed.

The solution is shown step by step. All calculations are saved in history. The final solution can be shared.

[ Contents ]
- 2 modes to calculate alpha error with right, left or bilateral tests
- 4 modes for calculating acceptance and rejection range depending on α
- Results are calculated and displayed in detail
- History to save input
- detailed solution
- Natural numbers and decimal numbers are supported depending on the variable
- no ads!

[ Use ]
- There are fields for entering values using a special keyboard
- Click on the checkmark button at the bottom right to start the calculation
- If values are missing, the corresponding field is highlighted in yellow
- If the values are incorrect, the affected field is highlighted in red
- a short message explains why a value is incorrect
- The entries in the history can be deleted or sorted
- When you select an entry in the history, it is automatically loaded for calculation
- All history can be deleted at the touch of a button
- Solutions can be shared

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