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Clipboard Manager is a smart clipboard history manager that saves everything you copy for later use.

Key Features:
• Direct Paste - Paste items directly into the active application.
• Application Actions - Paste, Paste as Plain Text, Open, Save to File, Show in Finder.
• AppleScript Actions - Custom actions that run an AppleScript file.
• Automator Actions - Custom actions that run an Automator Workflow file.
• Shortcuts Actions - Custom actions that run a Shortcut from the Shortcuts application.
• Bulk Actions - Paste, delete or share more items at one time.
• Quick Panel - Panel in the header of each item to quickly perform the selected action.
• Drag and Drop - Drag and drop items into any application.
• Swipe - Paste or delete items with a swipe.
• Share - Share items with your friends.
• Filter - Filter items by type or application.
• Search - Start typing and search begins.
• Folders - Organize your items into folders.
• Favorites - Choose your favorite items.
• Recommend - Sort text items by text similarity pasted into the active application in the past.
• Item History - Look at the history of any item.
• Item Detail - Look at the large preview of any item.
• Item Title - Set item title to find the item quickly.
• Selected Text - Work with the selected text.
• View Mode - Choose normal or compact view mode.
• Mode without Dock Icon - Show application window on active screen and active space.
• Ignored Applications - Ignore the contents of the clipboard copied from selected applications.
• Ignored Contents - Ignore the contents of the clipboard by pasteboard type.
• Global Shortcut - Show application from anywhere.
• Launch Application at Login.
• Touch Bar Support.

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2.6.1 | macOS ≥ 10.13

Cập nhật: 2024-05-15

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