[M] Live Home 3D Pro: Design House

[M] Live Home 3D Pro: Design House

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An outstanding home design app that can turn anyone into a designer. Create detailed floor plan layouts, 3D home design visualizations, plan a garden and work with the surrounding landscape—everything is possible with Live Home 3D Pro.

Floor Plans, Building and Terrain:
• Create detailed 2D floor plan layouts.
• View real-time dimensions for walls, ceilings and floors when drawing in the 2D Plan view.
• Get unlimited floor levels: you will be able to create multi-story buildings and even skyscrapers.
• Design from scratch or rely on ready-made house and interior design samples (e.g., kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc).
• Work with terrain editing tools for landscape design: create elaborate terrain around your house, lay paths and driveways and plan out your garden or backyard.
• Choose from the ready-made roof templates (12 roofs and 16 dormers) or customize the roof by editing its segments to create roofs of any form and complexity.
• Work in 2D Elevation view that displays the side view on walls and roof, a perfect tool for working with openings, niches and wall panels.
• Use a multi-purpose Building Block tool to create porches, custom columns, beams or even furniture.

Objects and Materials:
• Add and move furniture and other objects (2,400+ items), and apply physically based materials (2,100+ supplied materials).
• Access thousands of free models that can be imported from the Trimble 3D Warehouse.
• Import 3D models from other applications in most popular formats (Trimble SketchUp™, COLLADA, FBX, OBJ, USDZ, 3DS, etc.)
• Create sophisticated custom materials, and control their texture and light emissive properties using the Material Editor.

Lighting Settings:
• Work with natural lighting by setting up true geolocation, time of day and cloudiness.
• Adjust light fixtures throughout the house to achieve a realistic lighting scene.
• Create custom lamps or achieve the best lighting for your projects with Light Source Editor.

Viewing and Sharing Your Project:
• Walk through your 3D interior designs.
• Create flyover videos and 3D renderings of your projects from different angles.
• Seamlessly share your projects among macOS, visionOS, iOS, iPadOS or Windows devices.

• Export 2D floor plans as PDF and 3D views of your projects as high-resolution images.
• Export the entire house design or several objects to USDZ, glTF, SCN, SCNZ, FBX or OBJ format.
• Get photo-realistic views of your designs with the offline, ray-tracing rendering technology powered by AMD Radeon™ ProRender or Cycles (unlimited number of renders).
• Get Ultra HD export quality for movies and 360° Panoramas and Hi-res (16,000 x 16,000) for still shots.
• Create Stereo 3D Video, 360° Video, Stereo 3D 360° Video and 360° Panorama JPEG images.

Note: In-app purchases made in the app for Mac do not apply or transfer to the Phone & iPad or Windows versions of the app.

You can try most of the above-mentioned features in the free version of the app (Live Home 3D). Live Home 3D Pro has the same functionality as the Live Home 3D app with purchased Pro features.

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