Sifter - Spam SMS Filter

Sifter - Spam SMS Filter

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Fed up with spam messages? Meet Sifter, the smart spam filter for iOS 13 and above. Empowering you with a robust Message Filter extension, Sifter lets you design personalized rules to block unwanted texts, all while prioritizing your privacy.

Key Features:
- Customizable Filtering Rules: Tailor your spam protection with personalized rules. Sifter gives you control over which messages reach your inbox.

- Blacklist & Whitelist: Effortlessly blacklist or whitelist specific users or entire contact lists, ensuring your messages come only from the people you care about.

- Regex Filtering: Dive into advanced filtering with regular expressions. Craft intricate patterns to catch and filter messages based on your unique criteria.

- Local Processing: Your privacy matters. Sifter operates locally, ensuring your personal information stays secure and your rules remain between you and your device.

Support Rule Types:
- Whitelist Users
- Blacklist Users
- Whitelists
- Blacklists
- Regex Whitelist Users
- Regex Blacklist Users
- Regex Whitelists
- Regex Blacklists

URL Schemes:
Open whitelist users: sifter://whitelist_users
Open blacklist users: sifter://blacklist_users
Open whitelists: sifter://whitelists
Open blacklists: sifter://blacklists
Regex whitelist users: sifter://regex_whitelist_users
Regex blacklist users: sifter://regex_blacklist_users
Regex whitelists: sifter://regex_whitelists
Regex blacklists: sifter://regex_blacklists

Why Choose Sifter?
Experience spam-free messaging tailored to your preferences. Sifter puts you in control, offering a seamless and private solution to filter out the noise and keep your inbox focused on what matters.

Download Sifter now and reclaim control over your messaging experience!

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1.8.2 | OS ≥ 13.0

Cập nhật: 2024-05-16

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