AICopy - Video,Marketing Copy

AICopy - Video,Marketing Copy

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Whether you’re writing Video script,Emails, Essays,or Posts, AICopy's paraphrasing tools has your back!

1. Features

- Introduce the original and generate intelligent original text within 2 minutes with one click
- 100% safe and secure
- Continuation of articles, copywriting, and advertising ideas
- Video or Audio copy extraction, AI generated summaries and ideas
- Creativity and article inspiration imitation
- Effective hashtags are automatically generated
- Copy / paste the text, link to identify the imported text, and check plagiarism in real time
- Provide a thesaurus supported by artificial intelligence to analyze the positive and negative emotional factors of the text
- Summary tools summarize text highlights and let **AI** help you filter research papers, news articles, and lengthy emails
- Slide templates and creative materials

2. What can you create with AICopy?

- Blog post
- University Thesis
- SEO articles
- press release
- News articles
- Product description

3. Who is AICopy suitable for?

- Creative writer: use **AI copywriting tools** to write unique articles with one click
- College Students: generate University papers and high-quality papers in a few seconds
- SEO Manager: article writing service can create real humanized content to meet the needs of search engines
- Reporter: impress your readers and automatically create the first draft of your story
- Blogger: your personal AI blog post generator can create perfect content for any market segment
- Marketing expert: use AI copywriting software to automate your content marketing tasks

4. Why choose AICopy?

- How does our **AI copywriting platform** work

Marketing copywriting assistant has received Advertising Copywriting training worth 3 billion a year. So far, it is the only intelligent copywriting platform in China that has experienced practical combat.

- Can create a large-scale marketing copy for you

As marketers, we have been trying to optimize our communication channels. Text is usually the best starting point, but it is also very time-consuming. Anyword accelerates the workflow by generating multiple marketing copy variants on a large scale so that you can do more and move on.

- It can generate influential **AI copywriting** for you

Use the world's most accurate AI copywriting prediction model to get more traffic and transformation.

5. Privacy assurance


We respect your privacy. The text, images or documents you upload in our copywriting assistant will not be stored or shared. Using this application is completely safe and secure.

If you have any questions or encounter any problems when using our APP, please contact us so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Our email address:


We promise to reply to your email within 12 hours!

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