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Reminder - Beep Me Pro

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Don't forget to check out our new Widgets, available both for the home screen in multiple sizes and the lock screen!

With Beep Me, you can simplify your life and boost your productivity. As the trusted choice for thousands of people since 2011, our reminder and to-do app is designed to be quick and easy to use, with a two-step process that lets you create reminders and set chime times in no time. With its simple interface, you won't have to waste time with complicated reminder apps.

Say goodbye to cluttered lists and hello to a more organized life. Choose from daily plan, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom intervals to repeat reminders, and customize the actions you take when notified. Import events from your calendar, choose from multiple themes, and take advantage of the Beep Me widget to view today's reminders.

Enjoy the flexibility of setting reminders using either a timer-style (e.g. "Remind me in 20 minutes") or clock-style (e.g. "Remind me at 2:30"). Snooze or accept reminders and keep track of active or missed reminders with badge displays.

Trust Beep Me's offline capability with local notifications. Snooze or mark reminders done, even from Apple Watch. Backup & restore via iCloud, Dropbox, or email.

With the Beep Me widget, you can have your countdown and reminders right on your home screen. Here's what our users are saying:
◆ "This app is exactly what I was looking for. Fast, intuitive, and easy to use."
◆ "A missing piece in iPhone. Simple and warm interface, I love it!"
◆ "In my opinion this is the single best reminder app, Easy to use. Support is very responsive with great follow up. Alerts can be responded to on an iWatch. I depend on this app. Simply love it!!!!"

Join the thousands of people who rely on Beep Me daily to keep their lives organized.

Beep Me is full of great features:
◆ Set reminders with ease: Set as many reminders as you need.
◆ Multiple reminder styles: Set reminders using either a timer-style (e.g. "Remind me in 20 minutes") or clock-style (e.g. "Remind me at 2:30").
◆ Repeat intervals: Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or custom intervals to repeat reminders.
◆ Customizable actions: When reminded, you can either accept or snooze the reminder.
◆ Calendar integration: Import events from your calendar.
◆ Themes and modes: Choose from multiple themes, including an Auto mode for light/dark modes.
◆ Call reminders: Set a reminder to call a selected contact when reminded.
◆ Nagging mode: Set the number of times and intervals to be reminded until you open the app again.
◆ Badges: Keep track of active or missed reminders with badge displays.
◆ Customizable badge behavior: Set the badge behavior to suit your needs.
◆ Sharing options: Share your reminders with others.
◆ Backup & Restore: Securely backup and restore your reminders using iCloud, Dropbox, or Email.
◆ Permanent reminders: Copy reminders to the calendar to make them permanent.
◆ Sounds: Choose from up to 45 different sounds.
◆ Offline functionality: Local notifications mean you don't need to be online to receive reminders.
◆ Quick actions: Quickly snooze or mark reminders as done, even from the Apple Watch.

Invest in yourself and your productivity with Beep Me. Whether you choose to use the free version or upgrade to the Pro version, you'll be able to experience the convenience and simplicity of setting reminders and keeping your life organized. Download Beep Me today and start making the most of your time.

If you have any problems or suggestions for new features, feel free to contact us and let us know. We're always here to help you make the most of your time and be more productive.

Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

Don't wait any longer to simplify your life and boost your productivity. Download Beep Me today and experience the difference a powerful reminder app can make. With Beep Me, you'll never miss an important task or event again.

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