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  • ⭐ MoshUp

    With Moshup you can do live datamoshing on your iPhone or iPad. Capture a short clip and then film something different. The first recording will stick to the second recording and will be transformed by its motion. You can create some interesting mapping effects. The app was mainly used on the viral TikTok datamoshing videos over the last two years.

    You can also repeat Frames in order or randomly.
    Save the result as image or video. While data moshing you can now fade back to a clean camera input. It's now also possible to watch a preview to decide if you want to save or continue with your video recording.

    Full Version Features:
    - import videos or pictures from your gallery
    - videos can be imported in reverse
    - step back if you want to repeat the last capture
    - loop back to the first frame
    - different mirror and color modes
    - sound can be recorded
    - reverse the final videos in the gallery

    Have fun datamoshing :)

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    1.3 (1.300) | OS ≥ 11.0

    Cập nhật: 2023-04-11

    Server1 Server2 Server3 Server4

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