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⭐ Tailor++

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  • ⭐ Tailor - Screenshot Stitching

    Automatically stitch your screenshots into one long image with Tailor.

    Ever wanted to share a conversation with a friend, but it wouldn't fit in one screenshot? With Tailor you can! Just take a few overlapping screenshots and Tailor will magically align and stitch them together for you. No more manual alignment, cropping, or blurry stitches. Tailor works with all your favorite apps!j

    Use Tailor to stitch
    • Conversations
    • Recipes and Instructions
    • Articles
    • Comment Threads
    • To-Do Lists
    • Directions
    • Leaderboards

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    2.1.1 | iOS ≥ 11.0

    Cập nhật: 2023-04-11

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