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  • ⭐ Picsew - Screenshot Stitching

    # Awards

    - App Store Today Stories.
    - "Best Apps of 2017" award from sspai.com.
    - AppSo, Price Tag, WeiPhone editor recommended.
    - Numerous geek bloggers recommended.

    Picsew can automatically merge multiple screenshots to a long screenshot, and we call this long screenshot "Scrollshot".

    # Features

    - Create scrollshot directly through screen recording.
    - Advanced Screenshot-Merging-Algorithm among the same kind of products.
    - Stitch manually if you want to control more, both vertical and horizontal stitching are supported.
    - Select large number of photos, up to 300.
    - High resolution photo stitching and output.
    - Export as PDF.
    - Export as slices.
    - Cleaning status bar.
    - Annotation, adding watermark, redaction and mockup.
    - Minimal interface design, no advertising.
    - Universal application, compatible with iPhone and iPad.
    - Compatible with VoiceOver.

    # Extensions

    - Scrollshot Recording:
    Create scrollshot without taking screenshots.
    - Web Snapshot:
    Make web site full page screenshot right in Safari app.
    - Recent Scrollshot:
    Make scrollshot without opening app.
    - Create Scrollshot:
    Make scrollshot right in Photos app.

    Picsew can be automatically stitched:

    - Conversation
    - To-Do list
    - Tweet list
    - Comment list
    - Long article
    - Long web page
    - Other contents that can be scrolled


    Your trust and support are our motivation to advance. If you like Picsew, please take a few minutes to review it or recommend it to your friends.

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