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It has been tested with many cameras, e.g.
Insta360 One X2, Sony Nex 6, Fimi Palm, DJI Action 2, Kodak SP360, Lenovo Mirage, iPhone 12 Pro
New pict. are con.being added

Fisheye - in photography, this is a special lens with an extreme width, 140°-230°, mostly 180°. This app shows photos and videos made with different cameras. The fisheye effect makes the images appear more intense and show completely new perspectives. Be inspired and try to take such interesting photos yourself.

- Photos and videos
- Click: Zoom
- Images can be saved and used freely
- Internet connection required

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1.0 | OS ≥ 11.0

Cập nhật: 2023-05-02

Server1 Server2 Server3

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